“One year ago, I was drawn to visit the little church across from Riverview Community High School. I had attended church since I was seven, but as an adult, I was still searching for a church I could really call home. It’s not often that you can fall in love with a church in one visit. But, that’s what happened.

I felt an indescribable connection with God and the people who were there to meet with Him that day.
My husband was reluctant to join me that first week, but after recognizing the amazing changes in me, he decided to come with me the following Sunday.

We found friendship, helping hands, caring hearts and most importantly, the love of God at Legacy.
Little by little, other family members and friends have followed me to Legacy Church.

We now look forward not only to every Sunday, but also to the family events, the community outreach opportunities and the joy that comes not just from going to church, but in being the church.”

- Local Resident

Are you looking for a change? For a place to belong?
Are you looking for a family-oriented community where you are noticed and where you can make a big difference?

Try Legacy Church: A small church with a BIG heart.

Sunday Service 11 a.m.

May I suggest SIX words that could enhance your parenting influence and help your kids immensely?

1. GOOD JOB - Kids constantly need the power of encouragement and affirmation. They will be adults soon enough and face reality every day, so why not bless them with CONFIDENCE?

2. LOVE YOU - Say it with passion, say it often AND back it up with action. Love is spelled T-I-M-E. Say it and do it. There is literally no substitute for it. Look in to their eyes and make it real.

3. LET’S PRAY - I am a bit biased here but give it some thought. My wife and I pray with our kids almost every day. If you give them a chance, they will say some amazing things. Prayer connects them to someone much bigger than their parents and reassures them that God really loves and hears their requests!

Legacy Church
18050 Quarry Rd.
Riverview, MI 48193


Pastor Phillip Rogers

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